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Genius Loci is searching for valid and passionate professional or amateur photographers, who have already realized a personal and substantial file of pictures focussed on one or more subjects.

This research and selection is not aimed at creating a photo archive, but at making a list of photographers and their favourite subjects.

The archive, that will not be displayed on the website but will remain confidential, will act as the main source of reference for the implementation of all the projects that Genius Loci intends to carry out in the auteur photo field.

  • The choice of the photo subject is free.
  • The selection will develop at international level: photographers coming from any country will have the opportunity to participate.
  • The choice of the photo technique is free: traditional/or digital, colour/or black and white photography.
  • This initiative is not a photo prize contest: it intends to be just a pre-selection in order to identify a group of photographers who will have the chance take part later in one of the different Genius Loci Project initiatives.

At present, the participation in the Genius Loci Project can take place through the following opportunities:



The 2008 calendars, as well as the 6 2007 ones, will be dedicated to some selected nauralist and architectural landmarks of the Veneto Region (Italy). The possible increase of subjects will be communicated to the participants.

All those photographers, of any nationality, who have at their disposal photos regarding towns, nature and landscapes, fauna, flora, cultural, traditional and historic events taken exclusively in the Veneto territory can apply for this selection.



Another important initiative of the Genius Loci Project is the setting up of travelling photo exhibitions in co-operation with Local Authorities and private bodies (Municipalities, Province Administrations, foundations, art galleries, companies) inside their display rooms, open to the public.

The selection is open to those Italian and foreign photographers who have developed a personal photographic and artistic research on their favourite subject and created an archive of connected pictures. The file has to be wide and good enough for a middle-big size exhibition (30 pictures at least).



Any photographer who is interested in participating in one or more initiatives of the Genius Loci Project can apply by sending an enquiry for a contact to our e-mail address:, you will be answered as soon as possible.

We reccommend not to send attached pictures.