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Genius Loci began in 2005 a specific selection of photographers aimed at realizing the 6 2007 calendars included in the catalogue.

Through the starting up of this website, we carry out the creation of a file made of those photographers and artists who are interested in the Genius Loci Project and intend to take part in the current events (travelling photographic exhibitions) and in the projects scheduled for 2007 (more travelling exhibitions and 2008 calendars).

This research and selection is not aimed at creating a photo archive, but at making a list of photographers and their favourite subjects.

The archive, that will not be displayed on the website but will remain confidential, will act as the main source of reference for the implementation of all the projects that Genius Loci intends to carry out in the Auteur Photo and Art fields.

The photographers will be contacted from time to time, in order to include images in a calendar, organize personal travelling exhibitions or involve them in publishing events connected with Art and Photography.

The different selected subjects will be submitted to Municipalities, Province Administrations, Foundations and Art Galleries in order to verify their interest in setting personal exhibitions.