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The Genius Loci Project was born in 2005 and can be considered a sort of “container” of initiatives in the fields of Art and Photograph, aimed at developing and promoting the architectural, naturalist and human resources of the Veneto Region through:

  • Creation, commercialization and spread of Genius Loci Calendars
  • Organization of exhibitions and linked events focussed on local artists and photographers, by using specific facilities, which are under realization
  • Design and creation of innovative publishing products in the Art and Photograph fields.

The main objective of the Genius Loci Project for 2006 is to create and sell innovative calendars for the new year, including photos of selected architectural and naturalist contexts of the Veneto Region, in order to:

  • contribute to spread and promote from the tourist point of view the image of those places, enabling the knowledge of their different aspects.
  • enhance the works of local photographers, by using and spreading their pictures in the different calendars through exhibitions, also travelling ones, dedicated to them.
  • emphasize the contribution of Local Authorities and companies that participate as sponsors, by including their logos in the calendars and in the Genius Loci Project website.

Therefore, the Genius Loci Project aims at using these calendars as an ideal cultural and tourist promotional tool in favour of those parishes towards which it directs human and economic resources.

The calendars, which are distributed at a local and regional level by a specialized company, will be on sale for tourists and local people from June 2006 in bookshops, museums, stationer’s, tobacconist’s and specialized shops.

You can book on line and receive your Genius Loci calendar at home by following the instructions at the page: Information > How to buy