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Genius Loci

The Genius Loci Project originated from an idea of Antonio Di Benedetto.
He began as a professional architect in 1996 and over the following years collaborated with several studies and private building companies.

Together with the design and building activities, he took interest in some sectors that are linked to the architecture, such as Art, Graphics, Photograph, Publishing, developing several co-operations in these fields too.

Attività di progettazione e cantieristica edile

"Conceiving and realizing a project that involved my passion for Art and Photograph, enabling me to keep on attending to Architecture in the same time: this was the inner wish that led me over 2005 to develop and realize the Genius Loci Project."
Antonio Di Benedetto  

Fotografie di Antonio Di Benedetto

The Genius Loci Project has already achieved the three objectives planned for 2006:

  • Creation and distribution of the first six 2007 calendars
  • Setting of the first personal photo exhibitions, in co-operation with some Local Authorities
  • Spread of the Genius Loci Project through its website.

The synergy with the companies belonging to the Genius Loci Group enables us to introduce ourselves as a privileged interlocutor in the relationship between Local Authorities and photographers when it’s necessary to design and realize personal photo exhibitions, as well as events involving graphic and publishing products.

Antonio Di Benedetto